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While Fantom Price Explodes, These Coins Might 10x

FTM, the token that powers the high-performance smart-contract-enabled Phantom Layer-1 blockchain protocol, has seen a surprising comeback this year. Some profit-taking ahead of the Fed meeting has seen it slip from an eight-month high above $0.55 on Tuesday to below $0.52.

but ftm/USD continues to trade down 160% since the end of December 2022, with its gains accelerating through January. Crypto markets have benefited this year from a combination of bets that 1) that 2023 will be a better year on the macro front as US inflation falls sharply, allowing Fed room to “pivot” and 2) that 2022 will be a bear The market is probably over now.

Of course, some analysts believe that the Fed will knock cryptocurrency markets back by dashing hopes for an imminent dovish policy signal. This could send Phantom back towards the support in the $0.42-44 area. But bulls are confident that Phantom’s continued impressive ecosystem growth rates and strong financial position, coupled with a generally improved macro backdrop, will support further upside in the coming months.

If FTM can clear the resistance in the $0.55 area (late May 2022 high), the door should open towards resistance in the $0.65 area for the near term, which is the late April 2022 low.

FTM Alternatives to Consider

The Phantom has great potential in 2023, already enjoying a strong start. Several other altcoins from promising layer-1 protocols could also experience significant upside (Cardano, Solana, Aptos, Avalanche, etc.), assuming there is a continued resurgence in market appetite for risk.

But investors looking for higher potential returns should also consider another type of crypto investment – ​​presales. Emerging and upcoming crypto projects often offer the tokens that will be used on their platform at a discounted price to early investors, with these funds being used to pay for the development of their platform.

Historically, investors who have managed to invest in a successful project at the pre-sales stage have seen the best returns. And the potential for returns increases when the market is bullish and cryptocurrencies like Phantom are on the rise.

Here is a list of three pre-sale projects reviewed by the team at that investors may want to consider.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) – Stage 4 almost complete

The Meta Masters Guild is an emerging mobile-based web3 gaming ecosystem developing a variety of fun and addictive games. The games will use non-fungible tokens (NFTs), allowing community members to earn rewards, as well as stake and trade. The platform hopes to host dozens of viral games in the future. Its first game, Meta Karts Racers, will be released later this year.

The Meta Masters Guild is currently in the fourth phase of its pre-sale of MEMAG tokens, which is already one of the hottest pre-sales of 2023. In just a few weeks, the crypto start-up has already managed to raise $2.3 million through the MEMAG sale. , Investors should act fast to secure their coins before the price rises again in four days.

Visit the Meta Masters Guild here

Fight Out (FGHT) – Start Selling Now

The young move-to-earn crypto niche has shown a lot of promise, but early success stories like STEPN have significant limitations that, so far, have prevented them from conquering the mainstream. Fight Out, which bills itself as the future of move-to-earnings, is looking to change that in 2023.

Fight Out is a brand new web3 fitness application and gym chain that rewards its users for working out, completing challenges and competing in a first of its kind fitness metaverse. While existing M2E applications such as STEPN only track steps and require expensive non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to participate, Fight Out takes a more holistic approach to tracking and rewarding its users for their exercise and activity. is, and does not require an expensive buy-in to participate.

Fight Out attempts to merge the physical and web3 worlds. The project aims to eventually have gyms in all major cities around the world, as well as promote a unified Web3 fitness experience. Meanwhile, at the heart of Fight Out’s digital ecosystem will be its smartphone application, which is scheduled to launch in the second quarter of 2023, according to Fight Out’s whitepaper.

The Fight Out app will use smartphone and wearable technology to measure and track physical performance. The app will have its own in-house token economy, where users can earn rewards for completing M2E tasks, and mold their own spirit-bound token avatars, through which users can interact with the Fight Out Metaverse. Will be able to.

FGHT is the token that powers the Fight Out Metaverse ecosystem. FGHT can be used to pay for discounted subscriptions to Fight Out’s gyms and digital products. Users will also pay to enter competitions and leagues with FGHT, and winnings will be paid out in FGHT and FGHT can be used in peer-to-peer fitness bets.

FGHT is due to be listed on centralized exchanges in April at $0.033 per token. Investors should act quickly, as if they secure tokens now, they could be sitting on paper gains of nearly 100% until the crypto tokens are listed on exchanges in early Q2. The project has already raised a whopping $3.7 million and could well hit the $15 million hard cap before the scheduled end of the pre-sale at the end of March.

Visit Fight Out Now

C+Charge (CCHG) – Pre-Sale On Now

Carbon credits estimated to be worth the industry $2.4 trillion by 2027, Democratizing access to reap these benefits is going to drive business to scale in the years to come and this is something crypto start-up C+Charge hopes to achieve. C+Charge is currently building a blockchain-based peer-to-peer (P2P) payment system for EV charging stations that will allow drivers of electric vehicles (EVs) to earn carbon credits.

C+Charge aims to promote the role of carbon credits as a key incentive for the adoption of EVs. Currently, large manufacturers of electric vehicles such as Tesla make millions by selling carbon credits to polluters. C+Charge seeks to democratize the carbon credit market by allowing more of these awards to find themselves in the hands of EV owners rather than just large businesses.

C+Charge has just launched its pre-sale of CCHG tokens that its platform will use to make payments at EV charging stations. The tokens are currently selling for $0.013 each, although this will increase by up to 80% by the end of the presale. Investors interested in getting an early start on a promising eco-friendly cryptocurrency project should act fast, with the project already raising over $500,000 in presales just weeks after launch.

Investors should note that the remaining tokens can be scooped up quickly. A crypto whale recently deposited over $99 worth of CCHG in one transaction, as can be verified here bscscan,

Go to C+Charge here

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