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Steve Aoki x Stoopid Buddy Announce Web3 Stop-Motion Series

Steve Aoki and Seth Green link up with web3/NFT content platform ShibuyaXYZ to announce an interactive, community-built stop-motion series titled “Dominion X: Level 2”. The project aims to usher in a new way of storytelling with the web3 community of Replicant X at the helm. Read on to learn more about the stop-motion series!

What Is Steve Aoki & Seth Green’s Latest NFT Series About?

Steve Aoki and Seth Green’s Stoopid Buddy Studios gear up to bring a unique stop-motion series to the blockchain. It elevates the narrative of Aoki’s Replicant X project to new levels. This includes community participation and the powerhouse that is ShibuyaXYZ. After the massive success of Dominion X, the duo now set sights to involve the Replicant X community to further advance their story.

ShibuyaXYZ is a Web3 creator platform dedicated to reimagining how long-form content is created and consumed. All Replicant X holders can participate in this storytelling project. ReplicantX NFT holders must first stake their NFTs at to vote on the direction of Dominion X: Level 2. Furthermore, this is the first stop-motion film co-directed by a community of NFT holders, ever!

More About Dominion X

Over the course of 6 weeks, the project will use real-time story-building narratives directly from the Replicant X community. These voted narratives are then sewn into the series by the Stoopid Buddy team. Replicant X holders also vote on the ending of a new scene each week!

“As creators, it’s thrilling to have these new tools to bring fans right into our writer’s room so they can participate in the creative process with us. The approach with Replicant X is designed to maximize fan input into the story, and more importantly, create comedic sequences that we would never have dreamed up on our own,” says Seth Green, Founder of Stoopid Buddy Studios.

At the end of 6 weeks, voters gain a memorial NFT of varying rarity depending on the level of participation. NFTs now serve as new-age tools to enhance storytelling by direct community involvement. Moreover, a ReplicantX NFT is necessary to participate in voting. Although, the content is free to view on Shibuya’s platform. Join in on the fun by clicking here!



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