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Zilliqa ROLL1NG THUND3RZ Web3 console, ecosystem launches soon

Zilliqa co-founder Max Kantelia announced the launch of ROLL1NG THUND3ERZ, calling the progress made to date a “monumental achievement.”

“I think this is a tremendous model for us as long as we are careful in selecting the right people, who have the right backgrounds, and the right visions for how they want to build long-term sustainable businesses.”

Kantelia was speaking with Zilliqa’s Head of Gaming, Valentin Cobelea, in an AMA on the future of Web3 gaming when the announcement was made.

ROLL1NG THUND3ERZ refers to a Web3 gaming and hardware company. Rather than adapting blockchain tech for gaming, ROLL1NG THUND3RZ develops fun games that utilize blockchain.

“At ROLL1NG THUND3RZ, our philosophy is building fun games that leverage the unique capabilities of blockchain, not the other way around.”

Zilliqa console not needed

In September 2022, Zilliqa announced plans to launch a Web3 gaming console, saying it planned to onboard millions of non-crypto users into its ecosystem.

The announcement was accompanied by pics of the prototype, showing various ports, including HDMI, Ethernet and USB-C, and USB 3.0. But details of its hardware were kept under wraps at the time.

The console has since been named “Lightn1ng,” but today’s announcement clarified that the “Gaming Hub ecosystem” is accessible on a desktop without the Lightn1ng console.


During the AMA, Cobelea said the name ROLL1NG THUND3ERZ was inspired by the lyrics from the AC/DC song Hells Bells, which captured the project’s “forces of nature” approach to gaming.

In describing what the company does, Cobelea said ROLL1NG THUND3ERZ is more than a gaming studio. The company also emphasizes and develops the tooling enabling any developer to build games and dApps. 

“If we think in the long run, we cannot build just a game, that doesn’t work. We have to start with the tools so we can allow any kind of developer, including ourselves, to build applications and games on top of the Zilliqa blockchain.”

Commenting on the significance of the Lightn1ng console, Cobelea said it offers a plug-and-play way of accessing an optimized version of the Hub.

However, on the matter of the Lightn1ng console facing an uphill battle against Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, Cobelea said the firm is not competing directly because “we have the Web3 component,” in addition to ledger and crypto mining functionality.

The company is aiming for a March 31 release for the Hub.

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