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Someone forked Bitcoin ordinals NFTs onto Litecoin network

A GitHub user by the name of ynohtna92 has forked the Bitcoin Ordinals protocol to support Litecoin.

In the context of cryptocurrencies, a fork occurs when a blockchain protocol is split into two different versions, each running on its own separate network with a shared transaction history. The split may occur due to differences in opinion among the community of developers, miners, or users regarding the direction of the blockchain’s development.

According to the source code of the Litecoin Ordinal fork reviewed by CryptoSlate, some adjustments to the ordinal number scheme (sat count) were necessary for the fork to be implemented.

Modifications that were needed involved making a minor change to the main dependency rust-bitcoin, allowing it to decode and encode Litecoin addresses.

As a result of these modifications, ynohtna92 has also minted the first-ever Litecoin Ordinal, a first of its kind on one of the world’s oldest cryptocurrencies. To align with the recent Litecoin MWEB upgrade, ynohtna92 inscribed the mimble wimble white paper onto the first Litecoin Ordinal, known as inscription 0.


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