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Tencent Cloud signs multiple collaboration agreements with blockchain firms

According to a press release on Feb. 22, Tencent Cloud, the cloud computing branch of Chinese internet giant Tencent, announced that it had concluded multiple agreements with blockchain firms to support the active development of the Web 3.0 ecosystem. Firstly, Tencent Cloud signed a memorandum of cooperation with decentralized blockchain infrastructure provider Ankr to jointly develop a series of blockchain API services for remote procedure call nodes. The new service will be deployed on Tencent Cloud’s infrastructure and will provide connections to mainstream blockchains building on Web 3.0 games and applications. 

Secondly, Tencent Cloud said that it reached strategic cooperation agreements with three other blockchain partners, Avalanche, Scroll, and Sui, to accelerate the adoption of Web 3.0 applications. The cooperation between Tencent Cloud and Avalanche will provide developers with efficient and fast node settings. With the help of Tencent Cloud’s infrastructure footprint, the cooperation between Tencent Cloud and Scroll will assist developers with building practical projects on Scroll and expand access to non-blockchain enterprises. Finally, the cooperation between Tencent Cloud and Sui will provide developers with cloud game development tools and professional support to improve the on-chain game experiences.

The company also introduced a new Tencent Cloud Metaverse-in-a-Box product for Web 3.0 developers that fully integrates a wide range of infrastructure, high-performance products, out-of-the-box software development kits, and low-code solutions for use in games and media entertainment. Commenting on the development, Poshu Yeung, a senior vice president at Tencent Cloud International, stated:

“With a transparent digital future ahead, Tencent cloud is prepared to, through its accumulated experience in the field of games, audio, and video, provide strong technical support for Web 3.0. Tencent Cloud will cooperate with industry partners to offer more immersive experiences and cultivate the cultivate Web 3.0 ecosystem.”

Tencent’s upcoming metaverse in a box product (Tencent Cloud)