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Whale sells 139 NFTs from BAYC, MAYC, Azuki, Otherdeeds, Benz collections

Rektguy, CanaryLabs and DegenzNFT founder Mando sold 71 Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), 11 Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), seven Azuki, 17 Beanz and 32 Otherside NFTs on Feb. 22, according to OpenSea data.

Mando used the NFT marketplace Blur for these transactions, and made 6,004.75 Ethereum (ETH), which equates to over $9.6 million at the time of writing.

Mando commented on the sales via his personal Twitter account and said the liquidity earned from the sales were used to pay associated royalties. He also added that the Rektguy still owned a lot of Yuga Labs assets and maintains its bullish approach.

He said:

After a lot of thinking, today we decided to utilise current NFT liquidity and take profits on our Apes + Mutants.

We still own a lot of Yuga assets and continue to be bullish on what they are building.

This team changed our lives. We paid full royalties. We will be back.

Mando listed 46 BAYCs from 78.180 ETH, 11 from 78.080 ETH, 10 from 78.100 ETH, two from 78.170 ETH, and another two from 78.090 ETH. The 11 MAYCs were sold for 16.290 ETH each, while seven Azuki NFTs, 32 Otherdeeds lands and 17 Beanz NFTs were sold for 15.140 ETH, 2.040 ETH and 1.620 ETH, respectively. Mando’s 0xC88 wallets still holds nine MAYC NFTs.

A user with the name MachiBigBrother purchased 31 BAYC NFTs and one Otherdeeds land from the sale, according to the data. This user purchased all 11 BAYCs listed from 78.080, and another 20 BAYC NFTs listed from 78.180 ETH. He spent a total of 2,424.52 ETH, which equates to $3.8 million at the time of writing.

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