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REPUBLIK raises $3.5M in seed funding, raising valuation to $75M

Web3 content creation platform REPUBLIK raised $3.7 million in its seed funding round, raising its valuation to $75 million.

REPUBLIK offers a platform where content creators can connect with their audiences and utilize built-in smart contracts to handle monetization processes. Overall, REPUBLIK provides a one-stop-shop for content creators to create, connect, and earn higher returns. It also allows the audience to earn rewards and spend them on supporting creators or referring friends.

Sora Ventures founder Jason Feng commented on Sora’s investment and said:

“REPUBLIK is changing the game for creators with tools that will supercharge the content creator journey and breathe new life into the creator economy. ”

REPUBLIK launched in November 2022 and exceeded over 85,000 users registered in the platform’s alpha version. REPUBLIK’s co-founder, Daniel He, noted that the future of Web3 will belong to platforms that behave as a bridge, like REPUBLIK.

He stated:

“It will be a platform that breaks down barriers to all sorts of interactions while allowing everyone to have a stake in the ecosystem and get rewarded fairly for their contributions.”

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