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Binance CEO CZ ‘Banks are a risk to fiat-backed stable coins’ in reaction to SVB, USDC Depegging

Meanwhile, Binance is not alone in considering a move into traditional finance; Kraken has also stated its intention to open a bank.

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The collapse of FTX has put crypto-friendly banks under increased scrutiny, with the recent failures of SVB and Silvergate adding to the pressure on these institutions.

CZ supports more stablecoins.

The Binance CEO also Tweeted his support for other stablecoins in the broader ecosystem. He was noting Binance’s recent addition of numerous stablecoin pairs.

CZ also speculated that “it feels like there is a coordinated effort to shut down crypto-friendly banks” like Signature.

“Banks are a disk to fiat-backed stablecoins,” he added in a follow-up Tweet.

The recent failures of crypto-friendly banks, such as SVB and Silvergate, have further highlighted the need for stablecoins to hedge against traditional finance risk.

With CZ’s statements and actions suggesting that he recognizes the potential risk of stablecoins existing within traditional finance, his doubling down and support for other stablecoins and the broader stablecoin ecosystem indicate that he sees stablecoins as a valuable asset and something that should be defended from traditional financial industries, some of whom have a vested interest in seeing entities such as stablecoins fail.

What’s clear is that the crypto industry continues to evolve and either integrate or disintegrate with traditional finance. As such, stablecoins are to play an increasingly important role in whatever the future dynamic of crypto is likely to look like.

It’s worth noting that not all stablecoins are created equal, and some may be more susceptible to certain risks than others. Additionally, many stablecoin issuers are working to address these risks and improve transparency and oversight in the industry.

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