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Banks and the Fed have a problem — What about crypto?

In this week’s episode of Market Talks, Cointelegraph welcomes Dave Weisberger, CEO and co-founder of CoinRoutes. Weisberger has over 35 years of experience in market structure, quantitative finance and trading automation. He started his career at Morgan Stanley where he built its first program and electronic trading systems. Weisberger is a strong economic freedom advocate and digital asset believer.

We start things off with our main topic for today: the banks and the United States Federal Reserve and the problems they are currently facing. Crypto seems to be unaffected by this at the moment, but is there a possibility that their problems could translate into problems for the crypto space?

For those of you who are still a bit confused about what happened with Silvergate, Silicon Valley Bank and others, we ask Weisberger to break it all down for us and also explain why the Fed had to step in. We then take a look at the Fed’s balance sheet and explain what it means and if the Fed is reversing its quantitative tightening progress.

With some of the major crypto-friendly banks being dismantled, where does it leave investors, builders and crypto-focused businesses? Are they potentially going to be left unbanked and out at sea?

Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) have been steadily moving up for a few weeks now. Usually, black swan events, regulatory FUD and strong macro headwinds negatively impact Bitcoin’s price, so it was a pleasant surprise when Bitcoin chose to move up. We get Weisberger’s opinion on this and whether he thinks this upward price movement is sustainable.

We also discuss some positive things happening in the crypto space at the moment that could possibly translate into a more robust, trustable industry and, of course, money in the pocket of holders.

We cover all this and more, so make sure to stay tuned until the end because Cointelegraph Markets & Research will also be taking your questions and comments throughout the show, so be sure to have them ready to go.

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