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Magic Eden eyes growth in web3 gaming following launch of Magic Eden Games


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The cross-chain NFT marketplace Magic Eden has launched its long-anticipated gaming hub, Magic Eden Games, following an announcement on March 22.

Magic Eden Games is on a mission to assist gamers in uncovering the finest web3 gaming experiences. Every game on their platform is given a dedicated “explore game” page, which includes a detailed description of the game and the studio behind it, captivating videos, and an NFT marketplace specific to the game.

Chris Akhavan, Magic Eden’s Chief Gaming Officer, commented,

“Magic Eden Games continues to drive growth for leading web3 games studios… We look forward to continuing to fuel the growth of the entire web3 gaming ecosystem[…]

Game developers can leverage our platform to acquire new player communities, share game updates, document their game’s milestones, and tap into significant revenue opportunities through the best marketplace experience in all of web3.”

In addition, this is not the first push by Magic Eden to empower the web3 gaming space, as it recently launched Mint Madness — a campaign allowing multiple web3 gaming NFTs to be minted for free on Polygon, Solana, and Ethereum. The Mint Madness campaign highlights the potential for NFTs in the gaming industry by offering new onboarding methods for game studios.

Further, the NFT marketplace partnered with Polkastarter Gaming to add value to the web3 gaming community by syndicating content and reviews on the Magic Eden platform.

A core part of Magic Eden’s messaging is focused on supporting web3 game developers. The new gaming hub intends to provide a platform for web3 game developers to grow their brand recognition, player base, and community while offering rewards for engagement.

Furthermore, studios can “generate revenue by minting collections on the Magic Eden Launchpad and the secondary marketplace, where creator royalties are enforced on all chains.”

The Magic Eden team described the launch of the gaming hub as “a labor of love from our games team.” It also expanded on direct involvement in the gaming industry, stating that  “after launching 70+ projects & investing in a dozen studios, we’re honored to help games shine even more w/ our dedicated hub.”

Ultimately, Magic Eden’s launch of a hub for web3 game developers is significant for the growth of the web3 gaming ecosystem. Pushing away from centralized services continues in favor of decentralized marketplaces — offering more control for gamers.

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