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What are gift card scams, and how to avoid them?

Gift card scams are fraudulent activities where scammers trick people into purchasing gift cards and providing them with information such as the card’s code or PIN. 

Scammers utilize a variety of strategies, including fraudulent prize offers, romance scams and technical support hoaxes, to trick victims into providing gift card information. Scammers can use gift cards to make illicit purchases or sell them on the black market once they have the card’s details.

For instance, scammers may construct fake profiles on social media sites or dating services to build a rapport with the victim. They then request money and personal information from the victim and tell them it’s necessary in case of an emergency or to pay for a meeting.

Similarly, con artists may pose as tech support agents to trick victims into believing their devices are infected with malware or viruses. The victim is then told to buy a gift card to cover the repair cost.

Gift card scams in crypto are similar to traditional gift card scams, but instead of gift cards, scammers use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and other altcoins. In these scams, scammers deceive victims into sending them cryptocurrency by promising them a reward, prize or investment opportunity.

To win the trust of their victims, bad actors could employ phishing websites, phony social media profiles or other cunning strategies.

Scammers disappear after receiving the crypto, depriving the victims of any chance of getting their money back. Exercising caution and conducting business with reliable and trusted sources is crucial when working with cryptocurrencies.

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