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Cointelegraph Accelerator and bitsCrunch Startup Program join to aid NFT projects

As nonfungible token (NFT) trading volumes begin to pick up again in Q1 2023 and marketplaces battle it out for a piece of the pie, more projects are coming into the space to assist market actors with infrastructure and analytical tools. And with evidence of wash trading and other abuse by bad actors becoming apparent, there is a demand for forensic tools to aid traders and investors in making informed, financially secure decisions.

Cointelegraph Accelerator is assisting in further developing the NFT sector by teaming up with bitsCrunch’s startup program to help developers and startups in their journey. Through the joint initiative, members will participate in and reap the benefits of both initiatives.

Founded in 2013, Cointelegraph is a long-standing player in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain media. Cointelegraph Accelerator launched in 2023 and works with early-stage Web3 projects to boost their growth by leveraging its access to a native Web3 audience, marketing expertise and a broad network of industry partners.

Working in the field of analytics, bitsCrunch provides NFT data solutions across multiple blockchains, adding transparency to the sector by identifying wash trading and more. In February 2022, bitsCrunch landed $3.6 million in a funding round, thanks to investments from firms such as Coinbase Ventures and Animoca Brands.

The bitsCrunch startup program helps early-stage companies and developers, giving accepted participants free (or low-cost) access to its solutions through its platform and APIs. Additionally, participants receive help from bitCrunch as they navigate its tools and get early access to updates.

The collaboration between the bitsCrunch startup program and Cointelegraph Accelerator will provide synergy as the pipelines of the participating projects will be combined, allowing them fast-track access to the respective partner’s program if they comply with the criteria. Members of the BitsCrunch startup program will also be eligible for media coverage on Cointelegraph through discounted, special media packages.