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Tuttle Twins kids cartoon to feature episode on Bitcoin

Kids’ cartoon Tuttle Twins will release an episode about Bitcoin on May 2.

The show will be available on the streaming platform Angel Studios — which operates a free-to-watch model for wholesome, family-friendly content.

Viewers can support the service by clicking the “Pay It Forward” button, displayed when watching content, and making a one-off or regular monthly contribution. The company said that Pay It Forward funds content the whole family can feel good about and unlocks perks.

“Angel Studios’ shows are free for viewers around the world, and we intend to keep it that way. But it takes millions of dollars to produce high-quality content. That’s where you come in.”

Bitcoin and freedom

The announcement of the Tuttle Twins Bitcoin episode featured a preview of what to expect.

It opened with Ethan Tuttle offering to buy a desktop arcade machine using Bitcoin — which was met with sneers about it being “made-up money.”

This led to Ethan pondering whether Bitcoin is any better than cash if it’s just made-up money. At this point, Grandma says, “All money is made-up,” abruptly.

The preview also featured visuals familiar to crypto enthusiasts — including Elon Musk in a car fastened to a rocket, accompanied by doges and references to mining.

“Tween twins, a crazy grandma & a time-traveling wheelchair. This is a show that teaches kids principles of freedom and government. Fasten your dentures! “

Tuttle Twins

The Tuttle Twins cartoon was inspired by a book series of the same name, written by Connor Boyac — founder and president of the Libertas Institute.

The Tuttle Twins books aim to impart critical thinking skills to children, enabling them to understand real-world concepts. The purpose is to instill an understanding of fundamental principles of freedom, including free markets, property rights, and “true laws.”

“Our books recognize that the world is full of companies, people, and politicians who want to expose your children to ideas you do not support.”

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