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Doodles Dooplicators Go Live Tomorrow: Here’s What to Know

If you’re a Doodles NFT holder, you’d better get ready to enjoy the long-awaited Dooplication feature tomorrow! Basically, this new option allows current holders to claim brand new Doodles 2 Wearables and an exclusive Beta Pass. The Doodles 2 assets are tradeable, and you can even use the Dooplicator on somebody else’s Doodle NFT. This option opens a new world of possibilities for the Doodles community and not only!

Doodles’ latest exciting feature Dooplicator is launching tomorrow for community members (and not only)!

What Is Doodles’ NFT Dooplicator?

The latest update on the Doodles 2 NFT drop, the Dooplicator, will finally launch tomorrow! The core goal behind Doodles 2 is to promote freedom of expression so that users can let their imaginations run wild. One of the main ways to do that is by creating unique, custom wearables and more surprising traits for the community.

Clearly, there’s been a lot of hype around Dooplication and the team gave an insight just one day before the launch on February 1st.

In short, when users Dooplicate their OG Doodles NFTs, they receive digital wearables based on the collectible they submit. Surprisingly, these wearables are among the rarest traits of Doodles 2.

screenshot from the Doodles Dooplicator NFT Marketplace
Community members can access the Dooplicator Marketplace to buy rights to Dooplicate other people’s NFTs or sell their own rights.

How Can You Get Dooplications?

If you’re an OG Doodle NFT holder, you have to dock your Doodle using the space app section; that’s because Space Doodles launched can’t get a Dooplication.

Don’t own a Doodles NFT? No worries! You can still get your own Dooplications by submitting somebody else’s digital asset. To clarify, users can buy the right to Dooplicate another holder’s Doodle via the Dooplicator Marketplace. In this case, you will have to pay an ETH fee to claim the new Beta Pass and Wearables.

Of course, the process goes the other way around too. If you’re an OG Doodles holder and want to sell your Dooplication rights, you can do so via the dedicated Marketplace. You can change your listing anytime depending on the project’s value.

screenshot from the new Doodles 2 NFT collection website
The Doodles 2 NFT collection offers holders a chance to express their personalities via customization. Credits: Doodles

Why Is The Doodles 2 Collection so catchy?

The Flow-based NFT project definitely started 2023 with a bang. Its latest drop titled Doodles 2 offers an upgraded user experience with the same values and design its fans love. From breeding to secure minting (thanks to the Flow blockchain), the new drop takes things to the next level.

However, the most exciting feature yet is undoubtedly customization. Holding a valuable NFT you can actually personalize with wearables and other traits, as Doodles 2 offers, immediately caught collectors’ eye.



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