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Cool Cats Announces New Strategic Direction

Today – Wednesday, February 1st, Cool Cats held a town hall for the community and revealed their new strategic direction. The blue cat blue-chip also hinted at some thrilling upcoming product launches! We spoke with the team about this exciting news, including updates on company direction, product releases, and partnerships. Now, let’s dive into the Cool Cats 2023 rebranding.

Cool Cats are rebranding!


Cool Cats New Branding

Prior to the town-hall, Cool Cats left some cryptic clues that things were changing. Firstly, there was a total social media blackout. This five day blackout lasted from Thursday January 26 to Tuesday the 31st. During this time, a  series of puzzles and clues were scattered across Twitter and Discord. Then, the brand revealed their new identity across all social platforms on the 31st. To clarify, the new logo features a forward-facing cat with a red background.

red background forward facing blue cat cool cats rebrand Strategic Direction
The new forward-facing Cool Cat logo

What is the New Strategic Direction for Cool Cats?

Cool Cats have long been a driving force in the NFT space since launching in July of 2021. Now, 18 months later, The Cool Cats have a new vision. This vision is ‘To become the leading entertainment brand that celebrates cool through community-centered storytelling and innovation’. Additionally, the NFT brand aims to on-board one million holders to the Cool Cats ecosystem in the next five years.

Storytelling and Cool Cats

So how are Cool Cats going to achieve this goal? Well, the brand strategy is two-fold. First, the NFT brand will grow their audience by leveraging storytelling content and mainstream brand partnerships. Then, engaging this large audience by delivering products and experiences that fully immerse the Cool Cats lovers in the magic of Cooltopia! This new strategy comes as no surprise, as we have seen how Cool Cats have woven narrative throughout their branding, from IRL Cooltopia activations at NFT NYC, to the Cool Pets gaming quest.

“The new strategic direction emphasizes storytelling and narrative-building, which gives us a great opportunity to design new ways for our existing and future holders to engage with Blue Cat’s story and the broader Cool Cats ecosystem. This year, we’ll be focused on delivering immersive products and experiences that allow our holders to influence how the World of Cooltopia is built.” – Jaclyn Woo  (Director of Marketing & Strategy) for NFT Evening.

New Products and Experiences

Aside from the growth of the community and Cool Cats universe, the brand is also introducing several new experiences and products. These include:

  • Cool Score: Users will be able to track, measure, and earn rewards for their engagement with the Cool Cats community.
  • Journeys: Engagement opportunities within the immersive storytelling experience. These journeys will guide users to explore the world of Cooltopia.  Journeys also introduce a soft staking mechanism for Cats and Pets, and allows a pathway for the team to reward it’s most engaged holders with better traits, Digital/IRL rewards and more!
  • Fractures NFTs: These dynamic NFTs enable storytelling through digital collectibles. As the holder completes more journeys and unlocks more story levels, the Fractures NFTs will evolve. Furthermore, this has already begun, as all holders will be airdropped a Fractures NFT following the town hall.
  • Explorers: Later this year, Cool Cats will release a new NFT. This NFT will help to on-board more people to the Web3 space. Additionally, the Explorer NFTs will offer a new way to represent your digital identity, as they offer full-body customization and are available across multiple chains and platforms. 
a Cool Cats fracture NFT
The new Cool Cats Fracture NFT


Upcoming Partnerships

There were also several new partnerships announced during the community town hall. Firstly, Cool Cats have partnered with Ledger and will be launching Ledger Quest in early February. This quest is a co-branded educational initiative. With scams rampant in the NFT space, understanding NFT security is a must. 

Moreover, Cool Cats announced Hologram as a partner. Hologram allows Cool Cats holder to experience Cool Cats NFTs through holographic technology and 3D avatars! Another exciting partnership announcement was the Macys x Cool Cats collaboration. Cool Cats won the community vote to be NFT featured in the IRL Macys’ Thanksgiving Day Parade with a balloon.

Finally, during the town hall, Cool Cats revealed a teaser photo for an upcoming gaming announcement. However, we will have to wait for further details to be announced in the coming months.

an image that says 'gaming'
Cool Cats revealed a teaser photo for an upcoming gaming announcement

Cool Cats Strategic Direction and Future

The blue-chip NFT brand is already infamous in the NFT space, and are making big moves to ensure that it stays that way. From the new brand direction it is clear to see that the Web3 brand is dedicated to becoming the leading entertainment NFT brand. From the plans to on-board over a million holders, to the exciting new content and experiences, Cool Cats has a lot in the pipelines. Therefore, with this vision for growth, strategic direction, and nurturing their established community, the Cool Cats rebrand is poised for success.

‘We’re incredibly excited to kick off the next chapter of Cool Cats with this rebrand and new strategic direction. We want our community to know that we’re committed to building Cool Cats into a global entertainment brand. Driving more brand awareness for Cool Cats will not only help us on-board more members into our ecosystem, but also allow us to share the story of Blue Cat for generations to come.’  — Colin Egan (Cool Cats Co-founder and Creative Director) for NFT Evening.





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