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Twitch Co-Founder Invests On Oh Baby Games $6M Seed Round

Oh Baby Games, a game development company, has raised $6 million in a seed round. Synergis Capital and eGirl Capital both co-led the funding round, with participation from gmjp and Merit Circle DAO. We also see several strategic angel investors from the Crypto Twitter space and gaming industry.

The gaming title “What the Kart” teases well-known characters from Crypto Twitter.
Image Credit: Oh Baby Games

What is Oh Baby Games?

Oh Baby Games, a game development company, focuses on creating new and innovative experiences in the web3 gaming industry. Their first release, “What The Kart,” showcases a fun classic-kart racing genre, featuring characters from Crypto Twitter and streamers, as well as a variety of communities across the gaming space.

Cross Game Collectibles will play a major role in Oh Baby Games’ rollout strategy. The company currently develops two more game titles: “Rugpull Guys” and a Platform Fighter, both set to release in 2023. These games tease becoming leading titles in the web3 space, yet we are still waiting on more details on how NFTs or blockchain aspects are to be seen in-game

The team behind Oh Baby Games hold quite a track record, with members responsible for hit games such as Age of Empires II, Battlefield Franchise, Adventure Pals, Call of Duty Franchise, Crazy Fishing VR, League of Legends, Castle Crashers, and Magic The Gathering.

Who Led the $6M USD Seed Round?

Synergis Capital and eGirl Capital guided co-led the$6 million seed round,with the participation from gmjp and Merit Circle DAO. Additionally, several angel investors, including Kevin Lin (Co-founder of Twitch, Metatheory), Santiago Santos, Wing Vasiksiri (WV), Serkan Toto (Founder of Kantan Games), and characters from CT (Crypto Twitter) participated in the funding round.


Oh Baby Games’ $6 million seed round allows them to move faster to create fresh and innovative web3 gaming experiences. Furthermore, the company showcases a proven team, two more games in development, and a focus on Cross Game Collectibles. Covering an interesting checklist, Oh Baby Games looks promising to succeed in the web3 gaming industry.



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