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Warner Music Group Announces Rhythm City Experience in Roblox

Warner Music Group (WMG) and Gamefam have teamed up to launch Rhythm City, a music-themed experience on Roblox. The innovative platform allows users to interact with artists from across the WMG portfolio. Additionally, users will be able to experience the music through social role-play, with access to digital goods that can be used in-game.

WMG is bringing more musical experiences to the metaverse. Credit: Warner Music Group.

What Makes Warner’s Rhythm City Unique?

WMG has a long history of building industry-leading experiences in gaming and the metaverse. The release of Warner’s Rhythm City only continues the trend. The company has so launched the likes of Twenty One Pilots, Ava Max, David Guetta, and Royal Blood onto the metaverse via the Roblox platform. With Rhythm City, WMG is enabling artists to build for the future and create communities that are digital-ready. Additionally, users will be able to interact and engage with other players while exploring the world of music through a variety of different roles. Finally, players will have the opportunity to attend virtual concerts and events featuring select WMG artists.

A billboard showing the Warner Music Group ticker in New York City.
Rhythm City is a collaboration between WMG and Gamefam. Credit: Music Week.

What Is Gamefam’s Role in Rhythm City?

WMG has worked with Gamefam to produce a one-of-a-kind experience that combines gaming elements with the magic of music in the metaverse. Users can choose from a range of roles such as music producer, DJ, dancer, and more. They can explore, dance, and connect with friends while participating in mini-music challenges. Gamefam operates the largest network of games on Roblox, with over 25 million daily game sessions and 115 million hours of engagement each month across its portfolio of games. The company’s mission is to create dynamic experiences for its community while building the next generation of hit gaming and entertainment franchises from within the metaverse. This is a move to watch.



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