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Cointelegraph partners with Phaver mobile Web3 social app

Cointelegraph is proud to announce its partnership with Phaver, a mobile Web3 social application with over 140,000 monthly users. The partnership will provide daily Cointelegraph content to Phaver users and others across applications built on the Lens protocol. Cointelegraph, the world’s largest crypto media platform, is a strong believer in the emergence of Web3 social media applications. 

The partnership with Cointelegraph is a major milestone for Phaver and the Lens Protocol, both of which have been on a mission to develop and grow Web3 alternatives to current social media platforms. It’s also a significant step for Cointelegraph, which believes in pioneering Web3 social media services. Phaver CEO Joonatan Lintala said:

“Cointelegraph articles have already been shared tens of thousands of times by our users on Phaver, so we are really excited to have the content onboard through an official account that gives everyone easy access to following the main events in crypto and beyond.”

Phaver’s mission is to provide the gateway to Web3 social, allowing anyone to access on-chain social graphs like Lens even without a wallet while allowing crypto natives with options to make all posts and follows on-chain and build their reputation by showcasing any nonfungible token assets in their wallets. Phaver’s in-app loyalty program will also release a token this summer to help the most active users earn from their work.

Phaver is built on the Lens Protocol, a Web3 social protocol running on the Polygon blockchain. Lens allows users to create permissionless noncustodial social media profiles and hold ownership of their social graphs and content. These profiles are multi-app in nature and can be used across various applications built on Lens, which differs from Web2 social platforms where any app profile is the property of the app where it was originally created.

Lens Protocol operates in an eco-friendly manner; the protocol’s integration with Polygon ensures that each publication has a minimal carbon footprint.

For more information on Phaver, visit its Discord server and Telegram channel or download the application via the App Store or Google Play.