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The top 10 most alpha tweets from NFT Paris

From a viral @DeGodsNFT NFT party to a panel on the history and future of AI and generative art, NFT Paris had much to offer last weekend.

Below are some of the most alpha, hilarious, and plain weird tweets from Paris’s preeminent NFT event.

@broke0x starts with a summary of the current state of the NFT market by talking to those on the ground (a thread)

Artist Tom Sachs turns Brigitte Macron into an NFT holder

@aljaparis captures quotes in a thread post involving some of generative art’s finest minds

NFT Paris was bumping. Cue the FOMO.

@degod degens go viral in hilarious video

Of course, tons of galleries and artists were exhibiting too

@RugRadio took some good video coverage from the ground

Bags were shilled IRL

And those who couldn’t attend certainly wished they could.


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