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Accidentally burnt CryptoPunk #685 ‘resurrected’ – becomes first official CryptoPunk Ordinal

Brandon Riley — aka @vitalitygrowth — accidentally burnt Crypto Punk 685 while trying to wrap it to get an NFT loan. That NFT has now been resurrected as a Bitcoin Ordinal.

“I was so focused on following the instructions exactly, that I slipped up, destroying a third of my net worth in a single transaction,” Riley tweeted on March 25.

The slippage occurred during a simple wrap in trying to get a proxy wallet.

“This is truly a devastating mistake for me. But I did this myself, and it is no one’s fault but my own. Both the beauty and the curse of self-custody.”

The tweet went viral, with Adam Hollander replying that it was up to NFT companies to ensure better design. Hollander said:

“I’m usually in the camp of “people need to take responsibility for their own assets” in web3. But this situation is more nuanced and complicated by terrible UI/UX,”

However, in response to the viral threat, another Twitter user by the name of @olliesblog posted on March 26 that he had inscribed the burnt punk onto Ordinals, the Bitcoin NFT network.

“Spotted a gap. Moved quickly. Happy with him,” @Olliesblog noted — tweeting a link to the first CryptoPunk minted on the Ordinal network.

“And… just like that. You have him back (Punk685), but as the WORLDS FIRST ‘official’ CryptoPunk burned to an ordinal : TX: Punk685.”

“Huge thank you to @olliesblog for being so kind and selfless in resurrecting Punk 685 for me,” Riley tweeted when he learned of the new NFT.

“He now lives on the Bitcoin blockchain as an ordinal, inscribed on a satoshi from over a decade ago!”

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